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Laser Etching for the Spherical Ice Ball Maker

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Custom laser etching for our 2.6-inch (66 mm) Spherical Ice Ball Maker.

Note: Laser etching can add up to 7 business days to your delivery time. Requires the purchase of a Spherical Ice Ball Maker.

IMPORTANT:  Do not forget to click the link for adding your text or image to be etched or we cannot process your order.

Etching your product will make it uniquely yours, whether you go for classic initials or you would like to use a name. We can even permanently etch custom branding and/or logos to increase your brand presence.

We are the only manufacturer that offers permanent laser etching and unlike paint or silk-screening, it will never wear off.

The two etching formats we currently offer are:

Text Etching

Use a name or initials.

Logo and Brand Etching

Etching a logo is a great way to increase brand awareness and it puts your brand or logo right in front of your customers.  It is a great way to associate the fascinating spherical ice ball creation process with your brand and your customers will never forget it.

Etching Finish

You may choose either the natural white oxide etching finish or black oxide.

If you have questions about whether your file will work, please contact us.

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