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Rickie™ Low-rise Professional Jigger ¾ oz. & 1 ½ oz. - Copper


This handmade professional jigger has all stainless steel construction and comes with a dual measure design. Used by hundreds of bars worldwide, it is the standard for "full pours". Featuring a ¾ oz. jigger and a 1 ½ oz. jigger, all-in-one.

  • Resistant to all acids and fruit juices
  • Capacity in ounces stamped on each jigger
  • Four-point welded for a lifetime of use
  • Plated in pure copper
  • Hand-rolled edges for clean pours
  • Hand-washing with our Bartenders' Secret™ or a mild dish soap and water is recommended
  • Utilizes a food-grade finish that reduces tarnish
  • Copper tools are not dishwasher safe

This is a perfect compliment to our Spherical Ice Maker.


    Larger Diameter: 2.5 in.
    Smaller Diameter: 1.66 in.
    Height: 2.5 in.


    0.075 lbs.


    Solid Stainless Steel from the USA, Plated in Pure Copper

    Made in the USA

You have our Lifetime Product Promise, for a lifetime of enjoyment.

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